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We offer static testing capabilities with advanced equipment to evaluate the strength and performance of your products. Our multi-configurable test rig can handle loads of up to 11,300 Nm, providing precise and accurate testing for a wide range of applications. In addition, our low-speed torsion test rig can perform testing up to 5,000 Nm. To accommodate large assemblies and components, we have a 22-tonne self-levelling base plate that is vibration-proof and capable of testing products up to 5m in length.

Static Testing

Dynamic Testing

With over 25 test rigs, our expansive 5000 square metre test facility allows for a broad range of component and assembly-level testing and validation services.

DSI provides a comprehensive range of dynamic testing capabilities to assess the performance and durability of your engineering projects. Our expertise includes testing and simulation of internal combustion engines, EV's, and batteries on our AVL multi-purpose test cell. Additionally, we can conduct torsional fatigue testing up to 5,000Nm on hydraulic and pneumatic machines and dynamic tension and compression testing on our Instron 25kN servo-hydraulic fatigue testing system.

Hydraulic Testing

Our hydraulic testing capabilities are designed to evaluate the strength, durability, and performance of hydraulic systems. Our fatigue testing includes two rigs that can accommodate up to 18 test samples simultaneously. These rigs can handle cyclic pressures of up to 100 bar (10,000 kPa) and temperatures of up to 100°C. We also have three hydraulic test rigs that are adaptable and can control and measure up to 10 individual solenoids, while measuring up to 12 hydraulic outputs in any solenoid-controlled system. 

Our risk based and systematic approach to quality ensures that all testing is performed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the IATF 16949 standard, thereby helping you meet the highest standards of quality, durability and performance.

Testing & Evaluation

DSI offers a comprehensive suite of high-quality static, dynamic and hydraulic testing and evaluation capabilities. 

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