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Dynamic Testing

DSI dynamic testing capabilities include:

Torsional fatigue testing is possible on our hydraulic and pneumatic test machines up to 5,000Nm.

Dynamic tension and compression testing on our Instron 25kN servo-hydraulic fatigue testing system.

Our flagship AVL multi-purpose test cell is the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Capable of testing and simulating internal combustion engines, hybrid, Electric Vehicles (EV) and associated batteries. The system can be configured for individual requirements, standard or custom drive cycles, power and efficiency measurements, battery sizing and simulation, durability and fuel consumption.

Multi Purpose Test Cell at a glance:
- Engine/Motor simulator (Electric) – 314kW, 500Nm 10,000 RPM
- E-drive / battery simulator – 250kW up to 800V
- Petrol / Diesel Internal Combustion Engines
- Ability to simulate the vehicle under all load conditions and at all speeds.
- Temperature controlled test cell
- Testing full charge/discharge cycles for e-drives
- Predictive failure analysis and early stage damage detection using Reilhofer deltaANALYSER
- Fully controllable electric load absorbers, up to 8,000 Nm
- All electric testing is capable of being performed virtually carbon neutral or offset via our solar system

Testing & Evaluation

Wide range of high quality test and evaluation capability

Static Testing

Multi-purpose test cell
- 22 ton, t-slot, self-levelling, vibration proof, base plate
- Capable of testing assemblies/ components up to 5m length
- Ability to manufacture fixtures to allow multiple tests
- Temperature controlled

High load testing
- Multi-configurable test rig capable of loads up to 11,300 N/Nm

Low speed 5,000Nm torsion test rig

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