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Using the experience of almost 100 years of design knowledge and best in class engineering design tools, our engineers deliver better products, faster and more efficiently. With our vast design knowledge, we can take your concept from idea, through engineering design to manufacturing and production.

DSI specialise in the design and development of a range of mechanical systems, including powertrains, custom test rigs and automated products.

We can provide concept, detailed design, assembly and commissioning, including custom control and data acquisition software.

Engineering & Design

Full suite of engineering design services to suit your needs


Using our CAE tools, our engineers are able to analyse the performance, robustness and characteristics of components and assemblies to aid in design decision making process. The CAE tools we use help to make more efficient and optimised solutions, prior to parts being manufactured, reducing initial and future costs for our customers.

Our CAE tools include:
- Nastran for finite element analysis of linear and non-linear stress, dynamics and heat transfer characteristics of components

- MathWorks - Matlab & Simulink used to analyse data, develop algorithms, create models and design programs

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